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NEWS: SACRI CUORI are proud to announce that their new record, DELONE, is going to be released on Glitterbeat Records on May the 22nd 2015.

We’ve always been fans of Glitterbeat, and can’t be happier.

DELONE is a trip in that thin line where dreams and memories collide, and feed each other. It is about Italy and the world.

It features all the Sacri Cuori enlarged family, with special contributions by Evan Lurie, Marc Ribot, Steve Shelley, Howe Gelb, Dan Stuart, Hugo Race, Sonido Gallo Negro and several others.

It features the great voice of Carla Lippis on several songs and also an appearance from Emmanuelle Sigal.

We are very happy and very proud of DELONE and of our new “home” in Glitterbeat. We still have some months to wait, but it is worth it.


Sacri Cuori, Fellini’s bastard children, are on the road again. Hailing from Romagna, Italy, the band is led by guitarist/producer Antonio Gramentieri and plays instrumentally topographical music that mirrors the terrain they actually experience, whether it be a Rimini beach full of nostalgia and desire or the Mojave desert in the dead of winter.

Sacri Cuori have created a stunning cinematic ouevre over their own records and in the meantime they have also been choosed as a live&studio band by: Richard Buckner, Howe Gelb, Dan Stuart (Green on Red), Hugo Race, Robyn Hitchcock, Woody Jackson, and many others, including italian heroes Vinicio Capossela and Il Pan Del Diavolo.


They tour worldwide, including Australia and eastern Europe, appearing in several Festivals and crossing the border of nations and genres. They are now recording their 3rd record, out in the spring, featuring the beautiful voice of australian/italian diva Carla Lippis.


In 2014 Sacri Cuori composed and played the original score for “Zoran-il mio nipote scemo”, a cult movie who got several awards from Venice Film Festival on, and it’s not all over Europe and Australia. The soundtrack itself won the “best soundtrack of the year” at Est Film Festival.

What about their music? Let’s call Adriatic Twang, somewhere between old time dance music from their native Romagna and Lynch’s Mulholland drive, between the dream of the ’50s and the nightmares of the future, Santo & Johnny and Brian Eno. And a lot of Italy’s taste for soundtracks on top of it all. Of Course Ennio Morricone and Nino Rota are presente, but it’s also about Riz Ortolani, Piero Piccioni, Piero Umiliani, Armando Trovajoli and several other maestros of the golden age.

Well, Ry Cooder and The Champs may appear in their song too, but Billy Strange looms are large as the American Myth, only to die as the songs came to life. Sacri Cuori’s enlarged family-which appears in records and sometimes in live shows-feature a lot of impressive names: Jim Keltner, Marc Ribot, John Convertino from Calexico, JD Foster, David Hidalgo of Los Lobos, Stephen Mc Carthy of Long Ryders, James Chance, John Parish and many others.

Sacri Cuori line up:

Antonio Gramentieri – guitars
Francesco Checco Giampaoli – bass
Diego Sapignoli – drums, percussion
Denis Valentini – percussion, whistle, voice                                                                       Francesco Valtieri – baritone sax


Carla Lippis: voice



DOUGLAS AND DAWN – recorded in Tucson AZ, released in 2010
(Interbang Records, Gusstaff Records)

ROSARIO – recorded between Richmond VA and Hollywood, CA, realeased in October/November 2012 (Decor Records, Interbang Records)




MARK EITZEL VS. SACRI CUORI – 7″ EP  – Released in September 2012 (Decor Records) Included Lido (alt.version) feat. David Hidalgo and Marc Ribot, and Silver Dollar feat. Isobel Campbell

Limited edition, numbered 1 of 500 7″ singles only, includes exclusive Eitzel ‘When You Fly’ track only available on this vinyl. Mark Eitzel’s first 7” since Take Courage in 2001 is a double A side with Sacri Cuori


Le Musiche di Zoran il mio nipote scemo“-OST Brutture Moderne Records (2013)




DELONE-Glitterbeat (2015) feat: Carla Lippis, Marc Ribot, Steve Shelley, Evan Lurie, Sonido Gallo Negro, Howe Gelb and many more





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